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Technology at Your Fingertips

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Finding your next opportunity, all in a SNAPP!

SNAPP CV, we hope you will agree, is a revolutionary concept, designed by recruiters for recruiters and their potential candidates.


A simple registration process, once completed, enter the job you are looking for and our algorithms getting working away for you. You are then presented with the jobs that match. Using your finger, swipe through left to right browsing through the vacancies, touch the job of interest, here you can either save it to come back later or just go ahead and apply.


Simply attach your CV, record a 60-second profile video (which you can re-do again!), when finished, touch send and you are done! 


Now we all sit back and wait, an email or a form of contact will be made by the recruiter, the rest is history, or should we say 'All done in a SNAPP!'


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Job Searching App in UK

Providing a Number #1 Service

Working hard as a team to bring you the highest level of service, candidate or client, you are all important to us!

Fast Performance

Using the latest technology to ensure we bring you
the fastest service possible.
Finding your next job is only a SNAPP away!

Online Support

We aim to provide you with the highest level of customer support, talk to one of our online advisers now, we will do all we can to help.

Top Security

At SNAPP we use the highest level of security with encryption to ensure we keep all your information safe.

Job Searching Platform
Jobs on the Go

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

When signing up, it takes a matter of seconds, just drop in your job criteria, our search engine and 'Job Loc' will do the rest!

Accessible from All Locations

SNAPP CV uses highly secure encryption methods to transmit your data. SNAPP also works when you only have 3G or 4G mobile coverage, of course WiFi accessibility is a given. 


Our Journey in a SNAPP!

How we do it and how we did it!

A bunch of people got together from the Recruitment sector and decided to create an app with a difference.

Sitting around a table, throwing around some ideas in a brain storm, SNAPP was born.

NOT just another job board, totally app based available on Android & Apple, users can take a video of

themselves & attach this to their CV, bringing the CV alive!

For more information about SNAPP, head over to 'our people' section within the site.


What People are Saying

Some of our BETA Testers, Investors & NED Advisors

“We are excited to be part of the BETA testing group. Look forward to see our ideas being implemented”

“I was given the opportunity to invest in this project early on, I am so delighted to be involved.”

“Snapp CV is by far one of the best designed Apps I have seen, and this is only the early stages!”

Eve, BETA Tester

Richard, Private Investor

Matthew, Tech Expert


Get in Touch

We want to hear from you!

Tel: 0844 56 SNAPP (76277)| Fax: 0844 567 6278

85 Great Portland Street | London | W1W 7LT

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