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Last week, we ran a competition across all of our Snapp CV Group platforms for a few lucky winners to receive a £25 Amazon voucher and the response was exceptional. All people had to do to enter, was guess the chocolate bar featured in the picture and then share and like the post. Despite receiving a wide range of guesses such as Snickers, Milky Way, and even Cadbury Oreo, we can now confirm that yes, it was a Mars bar!

We ran the competition across a week period and throughout this time across all of our platforms, we generated over 1000 shares and likes with 834 people qualifying for entry.

Drawing two names at random, we were excited to announce that @jodieh1131 was the winner for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and David Arnold was the exclusive winner for LinkedIn. Spend the money wisely and congratulations to you both! We are excited to announce there will be more competitions posted on the Snapp CV Group social media accounts in the near future. Be ready!

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