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Snapp CV are pleased to announce two Founder Members who have signed up to BETA Test the app. As a Founder Member they have access to the product well before it goes to market, BETA testers can then provide feedback, both good and bad. The design team will then look at this and make the relevant changes within the app.

We are pleased to announce ENGIE and SPIE UK who have both taken two spots out of the six available for Founder Members. As a 'thank you' Founder Members will be clearly listed on the app and any marketing material that is sent out, furthermore they have the option of special rates going forward when advertising.

The SNAPP team are currently in discussions with 4 other brands and are very hopeful to announce those very shortly.

This also means that the number of Users for the app has topped the 100,000 mark, SNAPP will be sent out to the BETA test databases. "We are so pleased and not to mention privileged to be working with some fantastic brands"

"Working in true partnership with such World Wide and well known house-hold names just gives the app that much more credibility" said Makhijani, CEO, SNAPP CV.

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